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In 1972 the predecessor of SARD was formed (Sigma Automotive). They began racing in the Fuji GC series races, then, in year 1973 Sigma Automotive participated for the first time in the Le Man 24 hour race with their Sigma MC73. Since then Sigma Automotive has continuously involved in racing. In 1985, Sigma Advanced Racing Development (SARD) was established. Currently, they are still participating in All Japan GT races as Toyota Team SARD with Toyota Supra.

By using their race data and experiences, SARD has begun to develop quality high performance parts for street cars and the enthusiasts who looking for the best products. Presently, they have already introduced performance parts for nearly every aspects of the sports car market, such as turbo charger system, fuel system, cooling system, suspension system, aero kits and spoilers, etc.

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