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Weapon-R Universal Exhaust Fabrication Components UNIVERSAL


953-500-102 2.5in Cat Cover
953-500-105 3.0in 2 Bolt Flange
953-500-109 2.75in 2 Bolt Gasket
953-500-106 2.5in Donut Gasket
953-500-108 3.0in 2 Bolt Gasket
953-500-110 3.0in Donut Gasket
953-500-101 O2 Bung
953-500-103 3.0in Cat Cover
953-500-107 2.5in 2 Bolt Gasket
953-500-111 2in Donut Gasket
953-500-104 2.5in 2 Bolt Flange

Product Description

Mock up your own custom exhaust components using Weapon-R Universal Exhaust Fabrication Components.

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