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Brand: WASPcam | Category: Video Recording


9978 JAKD Waterproof Case
9979 JAKD Velcro Helmet Mount
9980 JAKD Li-ion Battery
9981 JAKD Chest Strap Mount
9982 JAKD Head Strap Mount
9983 JAKD Surf Bracket
9984 JAKD Basic Buckle Mount
9985 JAKD J-Hook Buckle
9986 JAKD Tripod Mount Adapter
9987 JAKD Tripod Mount Adapter (Go Pro)
9988 JAKD Straight Joint Mount
9989 JAKD Bicycle Handlebar Mount

Product Description

JAKD Velcro Helmet Mount
Part #9979
An ideal mounting system for attaching a WASPcam JAKD camera to a bicycle helmet. Included with JAKD camera package, but may be purchased separately as well. Mount and Velcro Strap sold together.

JAKD Chest Strap Mount
Part #9981
An excellent mounting system for any sport or activity, the JAKD chest mount captures an immersive and interesting perspective of wide-angle action. Easily adjustable, the Chest Mount fits youth and adults alike.

JAKD Head Strap Mount
Part #9982
This adjustable head and/ or helmet mount system delivers an excellent POV perspective, which may be tiled up or down to achieve the desired angle. Mounts quickly and locks firmly in place with a nut and bolt system.

JAKD Surfboard Mount
Part #9983
Ideal for solid flat surfaces, the Surfboard Mount works great on surfboards, snowboards or anywhere else you can find a place to stick it. A durable, tacky 3M sticky pad keeps it in place, no matter how rough things can get.

JAKD Basic Buckle Mount
Part #9984
Compatible with JAKD, GoPro and WASPcam mounts #9935/ 9972, the Basic Buckle Mount comes with every JAKD camera package sold and fits snugly into mounts #9987, 9979 and 9983.

JAKD J-Hook Buckle
Part #9985
Compatible with JAKD, GoPro and WASPcam #9935/ 9972, the J-Hook is included with every JAKD camera sold and fits with mounts #9987, 9979 and 9983. Compared to the Basic Buckle Mount, the J-Hook offers additional height for a different angle/ perspective.

JAKD Tripod Mount
Part #9986
Allows user to attach JAKD camera to a standard tripod.

JAKD Tripod Mount Adaptor
Part #9987
Included with every JAKD camera package. Connects camera to various JAKD mounting and GoPro mounting systems (also with WASPcam #9935/ 9972). Also compatible with many WASPcam billet aluminum mounts, Stubby Pole and Extending Pole Mount.

JAKD Straight Joint Mount
Part #9988
A straight-line connection for creating additional height or angles with various JAKD, GoPro and select WASPcam mounts.

JAKD Bicycle Handlebar Mount
Part #9989
An adjustable handlebar/ tube mount that works well on bicycles, motorcycles, or ATVs. Includes rubber padding to keep mount firmly in place. This mount is included with every JAKD camera package, but may be purchased separately.

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