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Turbosmart Wastegates - Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbosmart | Category: Wastegates


TS-0501-2001 WG38 Double Weld Flange Pack
10mm Stainless Steel
TS-0501-2002 WG38 Double Weld Flange Pack
10mm Mild Steel
TS-0501-3001 WG38 Silicone Nomex Diaphragm Assembly
TS-0501-3002 WG38 Manifold Gasket -Stainless Steel - 2 per pack
TS-0502-2001 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Grey
Type 5PSI Inner
TS-0502-2002 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/White
Type 7PSI Inner
TS-0502-2003 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Purple
Type 7PSI Outer
TS-0502-2004 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Blue
Type 10PSI Middle
TS-0502-2005 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Yellow
Type 14PSI Middle
TS-0502-3001 WG50 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3002 WG50 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3003 WG50 Valve Seat
TS-0502-3004 WG50 Inlet V-Band
TS-0502-3005 WG50 Outlet V-Band
TS-0503-3001 WG60 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0503-3002 WG60 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0503-3003 WG60 Valve Seat
TS-0503-3004 WG60 Inlet V-Band
TS-0503-3005 WG60 Outlet V-Band
TS-0504-3001 WG45 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-3002 WG45 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-3003 WG45 Valve Seat
TS-0504-3004 WG45 Inlet Vee Band
TS-0504-3005 WG45 Alloy Outlet Vee Band
TS-0504-3007 WG45 Spring
Color Green/Pink
Type 7PSI Outer
TS-0501-3004 WG Valve Guide 'O' Ring
TS-0501-3103 WG38 2011 Ultragate Valve Seat
TS-0502-2006 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Red
Type 12PSI Outer
TS-0505-2001 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Black
Spring 3PSI Inner
TS-0505-2002 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Grey
Spring 5PSI Inner
TS-0505-2003 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Purple
Spring 7PSI Middle
TS-0505-2004 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Red
Spring 11PSI Middle
TS-0505-2005 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Blue
Spring 10PSI Outer
TS-0505-2006 WG38/40/45 (2011) Spring
Color Brown/Pink
Spring 7PSI Outer
TS-0505-2007 Hose Fitting
1/16 NPT Male to 1/8" NPT Female
TS-0505-2008 Hose Fitting
1/16" NPT Male to AN-3 Flare
TS-0505-2009 Hose Fitting
1/16" NPT Male to AN-4 Flare
TS-0505-3001 WG40 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0505-3002 WG40 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0505-3003 WG40 Valve Seat
TS-0505-3004 WG40 Inlet V-Band
TS-0505-3005 WG40 Outlet V-Band
TS-0505-3006 WG38/40/45 Diaphragm Assembly
TS-0505-3007 WG38/40/45 Locking Collar
TS-0505-3008 WG38/40/45 Collar Tool
TS-0505-3009 WG38/40/45 1/16NPT Hose Barb Fittings
TS-0504-3008 WG45 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-3009 WG45 1.75" Coupling Kit
TS-0502-2007 WG50 & WG60 Spring
Color Black/Pink
Type 3PSI Inner
TS-0502-3011 WG 50/60 Sensor Cap Replacement
Color Black
TS-0505-3012 WG38/40/45 Top Cap replacement
Color Blue
TS-0505-3013 WG38/40/45 Top Cap replacement
Color Black
TS-0505-3014 WG38/40/45 Top Sensor Cap
Color Blue
TS-0505-3015 WG38/40/45 Top Sensor Cap
Color Black

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Turbosmart Wastegate Accessories

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