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Turbonetics Wastegate Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbonetics | Category: Wastegates
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
20113 Replacement Diaphram for Delta/Racegate
30314 Wastegate Acuator
8.0psi Single Port
10741 Swing Valve & Elbow Assembly
30298 Swing Valve Housing Assembly
T3 Turbo
20644 Replacement Diaphram for Wastegate
Fits Newgen, Deltagate, and Evo.
30326 Wastegate Acuator
Dual Port
30778-3 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Yellow Stripe
Pressure 3psi
30778-5 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Blue Stripe
Pressure 5psi
30778-9 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color Red Stripe
Pressure 9psi
30778-7 Evolution Wastegate Spring
Color White Stripe
Pressure 7psi

Product Description

To complement your Turbonetics Wastegate, Turbonetics offers a full line of accessories. From Actuators to Replacement Diaphragms Turbonetics has it waiting for you.

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