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STACK Digital Video Camera Mount UNIVERSAL

Brand: STACK | Category: Mobile Video
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
ST390080 Camera Mount
Multi-Directional, Roll Cage (Fits 28-50mm Dia. Roll-Bars)
ST390081 Camera Mount
Multi-Directional, Flat Panel
ST390082 Camera Mount
Multi-Directional, Suction Cup
ST390083 Camera Mount
Scalloped Surface Mounting Winged Club Type
ST390084 Camera Mount
Flat Surface Mounting Winged Club Type

Product Description

Multi-directional roll-bar camera mount

Designed especially for Motorsport, the professional mount enables you to adjust 3 axis -360°, so you always have a correctly aligned camera. Available as an universal fitting for roll-bar diameters from 30 – 50mm.

Multi-directional flat-panel camera mount
As an alternative to our roll bar mount, the flat panel mount is designed for use on flat panels such as body panels, bulk heads, side roll bar plates, Perspex windows etc. The anodised flat panel pivots enabling 180° of movement and the interlocking camera holder enables 2 axis 360° of movement.

Flat surface mounting winged club camera mount
Machined from solid anti vibration material these simple stick on mounts are ideal for quick or temporary camera mounting solution.

Scalloped surface mounting winged club camera mount
The Scalloped surface model of the above mount is ideal for mounting on roll cages.

Multi-directional suction-cup camera mount
This multi-directional mount enables you to adjust 3 axis -360° so you always have a correctly aligned camera. The mount includes both the CNC machined anodised aluminium plate and the CNC machined interlocking camera holder which is made from a special anti vibration material.

Camera Extension Cable
Stack cameras use a four-way 11mm waterproof video connector providing both DC power and video signal through the same cable.

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