SRP Pistons SRP Professional Pistons; Flat Top; Oil Rail Support Included; Set of 8 Pistons; Include RingSet: JG3208-3571-0 FORD F-150

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Part #: 271106
Notes: SRP Professional Pistons
Flat Top
Oil Rail Support Included
Set of 8 Pistons
Include RingSet: JG3208-3571-0
MSRP: $675.41
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Bore 3.572
C/D 1.22
CID 284
Comp Ratio @ 58cc 12.2:1
Comp Ratio @ 64cc 11.4:1
Comp Ratio @ 70cc 10.4:1
Dome CC -3
Gram Weight 341
Oversize 0.02
Rod 5.933
Stroke 3.543

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
271108 $750.12 Notes SRP Professional Pistons
Spherical Dish
Oil Rail Support Included
Set of 8 Pistons
Include RingSet: JG3208-3571-0
Bore 3.572
C/D 1.22
CID 284
Comp Ratio @ 58cc 9.8:1
Comp Ratio @ 64cc 9.3:1
Comp Ratio @ 70cc 8.7:1
Dome CC -17
Gram Weight 349
Oversize 0.02
Rod 5.933
Stroke 3.543

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
1997 - 2004 F-150 BASE V8 5.4 N ALL GAS 2Valve
1999 - 2004 F-150 HARLEY-DAVIDSON EDITION V8 5.4 S ALL GAS 2Valve
1997 - 1999 F-250 BASE V8 5.4 N ALL GAS 2Valve
1996 - 2004 MUSTANG GT V8 4.6 N ALL ALL 2Valve

Product Description

SRP Professional Pistons include features used in professional racing such as lightweight forged side relief (FSR) forgings, high quality wrist pins, and precision CNC machined ring grooves and skirts. In addition, every package includes JE Pro Seal Premium Piston Rings. The included ring set features a 1.2 premium steel top ring, 1.5mm Napier (hooked face) second ring and 3.0mm standard tension oil ring. Every piston is designed and manufactured in the USA at the advanced JE/SRP Pistons manufacturing center.

SRP Professional piston designs were created using 3D computer modeling and tested for strength using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Several revisions were made to optimize the strength and weight before manufacturing began. Unlike other piston manufacturers, JE/SRP Pistons manufacture billet pistons from solid pucks of aluminum for dyno testing in actual engines prior to approving the final forging designs.


  • Advanced, lightweight FSR forging that eliminates stress concentrations for superior strength
  • Up to 20% lighter than traditional equivalent
  • High-silicon 4032 aluminum alloy for reduced piston-to-wall clearance and quiet operation
  • Accumulator grooves for improved ring seal
  • Designed for normally aspirated or moderate forced induction/nitrous applications

SRP Professional Pistons are Sold in Matched set of 4, 6 or 8.

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