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Snow Performance 7 Gon Reservoir; Includes Bracket, Solenoid & Hose UNIVERSAL

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Part #: 40016
Notes: 7 Gallon Reservoir
Includes Bracket, Solenoid & Hose
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Size 15in x 17in x 9in

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
40014 $92.26 Notes 2.5 Gallon Reservoir
Size 13in x 9.5in x 7.5in
40013 $249.93 Notes 5 Gallon Fuel Cell
Size 13in x 13in x 13in
40017 $753.61 Notes 35 Gallon Reservoir
40015 $171.97 Notes 10 Gallon Tool Box Style Bed Mount Reservoir

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Product Description

Snow Performance Reservoir

2 Quart Reservoir
The Snow Performance 2 Quart Reservoir is perfect for drivers that need a little extra juice, or want to replace the reservoir included with Snow Performance Boost Cooler Kits. Only 7”wx5”hx4”l this reservoir can be mounted virtually anywhere.

7 Quart Reservoir
The Snow Performance 7 Quart Reservoir gives much more range than the included 2 qt tanks, and is fairly small in size – 10”l x 12”h x 7”w (similar to a very small car battery) and includes an additional 10 feet of hose.

8 Gallon Reservoir
The 8 gallon reservoir is used mainly for diesel trucks and gives a range of 5-600 miles when towing around 12,000 lbs. It comes with a mounting bracket, an extra 10 ft of hose and a shut-off solenoid to prevent gravity feeding if you ever park on a steep incline. Measurements: 16”l x 17”h x 13”w. This size allows it to mount inside of most bed-mount tool boxes.

NOTE It is recommended that a Solenoid Upgrade (part #40060) be used in any application that utilizes a trunk mounted reservoir.

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