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RePlay XD Pro Mount - Chassis Clamp UNIVERSAL

Brand: RePlay XD | Category: Video Recording


RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1/2 Chassis Clamp
Size 1/2in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-3/4 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-3/4in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1 Chassis Clamp
Size 1in or 25.4mm
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-1/4 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-1/4in or 31.8mm
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-40 Chassis Clamp
Size 40mm
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-3/8 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-3/8in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-1/2 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-1/2in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-1/8 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-1/8in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-1-5/8 Chassis Clamp
Size 1-5/8in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-2 Chassis Clamp
Size 2in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-3/4 Chassis Clamp
Size 3/4in
RXD70-RPXD-PRO-CM-7/8 Chassis Clamp
Size 7/8in or 22.2mm

Product Description

Rugged and lightweight billet aluminum Replay XD or Replay XD1080 Camera Clamp for all of our HardCore Billet Base Clamp lineup. Features 360° positioning for unlimited camera angles. Flat bottom with 10° incremental machined serrations. Includes cap screw.

This accessory is compatible with the following: XD, XD720, XD1080, RePower2200

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