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Race Ramps Rack & Lift Ramps UNIVERSAL

Brand: Race Ramps | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
RR-RACK-HN14-4 Hook Nosed Rack Ramps
Height 4in
Width 14in
RR-RACK-HN20-5 Hook Nosed Rack Ramps
Height 5in
Width 20in
RR-RACK-HN14-5 Hook Nosed Rack Ramps
Height 5in
Width 14in
RR-RACK-4 Rack Ramps
Height 4in
RR-RACK-5 Rack Ramps
Height 5in

Product Description

Race Ramps Rack & Lift Ramps enable you to get modified, low-riding cars onto the service platform or lift without damaging the front end. Their textured surface prevents slipping, they are lightweight, and they come complete with a carrying handle for easy transport and storage. There are multiple styles of Rack Ramps.

  • Rack-4 Ramps weigh only 10 pounds each and are for a lift that has the ramps permanently attached. Rack-4 Ramps have a notch in them to accommodate the existing ramp and decrease the angle of approach by making the slope longer.
  • Rack-5 Ramps weigh only 10 pounds each and are made for the four post lift with removable ramps. They have a lip that bridges over the operating rods or cables that run in front of the steel beam.
  • Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are a lightweight alternative to the heavy steel ramps typically used with four-post lifts. Weighing as little as 9 pounds each—less than one-quarter the weight of factory steel ramps—Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are easy to move and store and available in three sizes.

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