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PLX Devices Sensor Module UNIVERSAL

Brand: PLX Devices | Category: Gauges


2207 Sensor Module
Fluid Temp
2214 Sensor Module
Air Intake Temperature
2382 Sensor Module
Fluid Pressure
Range 0-150 PSI
2184 Sensor Module
Exhaust Gas Temperature Pyro
Range 0-1800 Degrees
2177 Sensor Module
Wideband O2
2191 Sensor Module
2252 Bosch WB O2 Sensor Type A (D Style)
For Gen 2 Widebands and Later
2276 O2 Sensor Bung
Size M18 x 1.5mm
2283 O2 Sensor Bung and Plug Combo
Size M18 x 1.5mm
2306 Sensor Kit
For Air Intake Temp Sensor Module
2443 Sensor Kit
For Fluid Temp Sensor Module
2450 Sensor Kit
For Fluid Pressure Sensor Module
2467 Sensor Kit
For Exhaust Gast Temp Sensor Module
2474 Connection Kit
For Sensor Module
2535 Bosch WB O2 Sensor Harness Type A
For SM-AFR (D Style)
2542 O2 Sensor Bung Plug
Size M18 x 1.5mm

Product Description

All Sensor Modules are housed in high quality extruded aluminum designed to operate even in the most extreme conditions. In addition, all PLX Sensor Modules offer outstanding digital accuracy, response and resolution which far exceeds that of a standard gauge. Up to 32 PLX Sensor Modules can be daisy chained or be used as a stand alone unit capable of interfacing with 3rd party hardware.

SM-Vac/Boost accurately measures the vacuum pressure and up to 3BAR of boost pressure of any intake manifold. This is ideal for turbo and supercharged applications with monitoring the intake pressure is vital.

SM-AFR accurately measures the precise air/fuel ratio (AFR) of any internal combustion engine. Available with or without O2 Sensor.

SM-EGT accurately measures the exhaust gas temperature or cylinder head temperature of any internal combustion engine. Any K-Type thermocouple is compatible. Available with or without EGT Sensor.

Fluid Temp
SM-FluidTemp accurately measures the the temperature of any liquid. This is ideal for coolant temp, transmission temp, oil temp and any other fluid temp monitoring.

SM-AIT accurately measures the air intake temperature of any intake manifold. This is ideal for intercooler, or aftercooler applications. Any K-Type thermocouple is compatible. Available with or without AIT Sensor.

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