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Omni Power Camber Arms - Front

Brand: Omni Power | Category: Alignment Kits

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Product Description

Omni-Power front camber kits are designed for vehicles that are in need of both adding and removing camber. Great care was taken to adjust the angle of the ball joint mount to allow adequate room for lowered vehicles. Omni-Power ball joints are forged steel and manufactured to precise tolerances. Our ball joints differ from other manufactures in 2 ways.

  • They have more room for travel, allowing over 10 degrees more adjustment than similar competitors, preventing ball joint binding with extreme suspension geometries.
  • They can be attached to the control arm on both the top and the bottom to offset lowered cars extreme hub angles and provide additional room between the shock tower and upper a-arm.

These camber kits are currently used on many professional high profile road and drag race vehicles around the world. Each camber kit provides +-4 degrees of adjustment making them the ideal choice for any situation. Omni-Power camber kits are stamped prior to powder coating with our logo for easy distinction from other brands.

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