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NX Nitrous Accessories - Pure-Flo 45 Bottle Valve UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
11698 Standard PF45 Bottle Valve For 2.5lb Motorcycle Bottle
11699 Standard PF45 Bottle Valve For 10lb Bottle W/ Gauge
11699-15 Standard PF45 Bottle Valve For 15lb Bottle W/ Gauge
11700 Standard PF45 Bottle Valve For 10lb Bottle
11700-15 Standard PF45 Bottle Valve For 15lb Bottle

Product Description

NX brings out the big gun with the new “Pure-Flo 45”. The “45” is the first valve that redirects the nitrous discharge to minimize turbulence and flow restriction. Equipped with a .312 orifice and a single 45 degree angle in the nitrous flow path, the “45” has the highest flow rate of any nitrous valve in the industry*, almost twice the flow of its nearest competitor. The 45-degree angle also eases bottle installation in tight areas and comes standard with one pressure port and a nitrogen push port as well. The “45” is now standard equipment on all NX systems. Restrictive nitrous bottle valves will no longer be a problem in the nitrous world; this valve will retrofit to any brand nitrous system.


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