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Part #: KTD-VS-635
Notes: Velocity Stack
For Use w/ Any 3in Intake System
MSRP: $34.99
Your Price: $31.49


SIZE 3.5in

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Product Description

K-Tuned 3” Velocity Stack

K-Tuned Velocity Stack Filter
The K-Tuned Velocity Stack Filter feature a premium 4-Ply cotton-gauze filter elements that provide significantly more airflow than a stock filter while providing excellent filtration of airborne dirt and other particulate that could damage your motor

These filters come pre-oiled and are washable and reusable (for maximum benefit, it’s recommended to clear these filters every 10,000-15,000 miles)

K-Tuned Velocity Coupler
The K-Tuned Velocity Coupler is made from reinforced 4-ply silicone. This unique part completely removes the step commonly found at the throttle body opening, which straightens and accelerates the intake airflow and in turn helps the engine breathe easier.

Intake system design and overall airflow into an engine can be critical to making maximum power. The coupler has been engineered to improve an engines volumetric efficiency similar to the way a velocity stack works. Other examples of improving airflow include port matching and tapering throttle bodies. When using a regular silicone intake coupler it always leaves a step at the throttle body opening, which slows airflow and causes turbulence. By installing the K-Tuned coupler, air turbulence is eliminated and the taper will help to increase the intake air velocity.

This will fit the most commonly used 3” intakes on the market. One end is custom fitted to the OEM 62.5mm K-series throttle body (cable versions) and the other end matches up to a 3” diameter intake pipe.

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