Kelford Performance Camshaft Set; Ultimate Street Performance Cam; Requires ECU Upgrade HONDA PRELUDE

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Part #: H176-B
Notes: Performance Camshaft Set
Ultimate Street Performance Cam
Requires ECU Upgrade
MSRP: $750.00
Your Price: $695.51
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Exhaust Duration 270deg
Intake Duration 275deg
Position Intake/Exhaust

This Item Also Available In

Part Number Price Notes & Specs
H176-A $684.00 Notes Performance Camshaft Set
Fast Street Cam
For Stock ECU
Exhaust Duration 265deg
Intake Duration 270deg
Position Intake/Exhaust
H176-C $647.94 Notes Performance Camshaft Set
Street/Strip or Circuit Racing Cam
Requires ECU, Compression, Deep Piston Pockets, Exhaust, etc
Exhaust Duration 290deg
Intake Duration 290deg
Position Intake/Exhaust
H176-D $731.50 Notes Performance Camshaft Set
Drag or Circuit Race Cam
Good Top End RPM
Exhaust Duration 288deg
Intake Duration 295deg
Position Intake/Exhaust
HT-176-A $684.00 Notes Performance Camshaft Set
Street/Strip Turbo Cam
Exhaust Duration 270deg
Intake Duration 265deg
Position Intake/Exhaust
HT-176-B $684.00 Notes Performance Camshaft Set
For All Out Methonol/Drag Racing
High RPM Turbocharged Engines
Exhaust Duration 294deg
Intake Duration 290deg
Position Intake/Exhaust

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
1993 - 2001 PRELUDE BASE L4 2.2 ALL H22A1 ALL

Product Description

Kelford RaceCams are finely ground to precision specifications. We are well practised in the skills of fine tuning a precision camshaft, we have been welding and re-profiling these cams for so long, finally we are offering cast billets. We have hundreds of grinds for camshafts so we can meet your camshaft needs and do anything you desire.

Kelford RaceCams are applicable to all manners of situations:

  • Supercharged Boat Cams
  • Road Car Cams
  • Street machine Cams
  • Stock car Cams
  • Turbo Drag car Cams
  • Custom Grind Cams

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