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Innovate Cables and Accessories UNIVERSAL


3740 Power Cable Cigarette Lighter
For LM-1
3789 6 Inch Patch Cable
Size 2.5mm
3810 Sensor Cable
For LM-2 & MTX-L
Size 8ft
3843 Sensor Cable
For LM-2 & MTX-L
Size 3ft
3828 Sensor Cable
For LM-2 & MTX-L
Size 18ft
3760 4ft Patch Cable M2.5 to M2.5
Size 4ft
3840 Program Cable
For MTX Series
3733 USB-to-Serial Adapter
3746 Program Cable
Aux Box to PC
For LC-1, XD-1
3787 1 GB SD Card
3875 PL-1 Pocket Logger Kit
Includes: 2GB SD, USB Card Reader, etc.
3876 USB SD Memory Card Reader

Product Description

Innovate Cables and Accessories ensures you always have what you need to keep your Innovate product running the way you want it to.

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