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Haltech Promo Goods UNIVERSAL

Brand: Haltech | Category: Promo Products


HT-300000 Haltech Products Counter Top Brochure
Pack of 10
HT-300101 Sticker
Color Yellow
Size 300mm
HT-300102 Sticker
Color Yellow
Size 600mm
HT-300103 Sticker
Color Yellow
Size 900mm
HT-300110 Haltech Sticker Sticker Sheet
HT-300150 Sticker
Injector Ninja
Size 100mm
HT-300151 Sticker
Injector Ninja
Size 200mm
HT-300152 Sticker
Injector Ninja
Size 400mm
HT-300200 Workshop Banner
Size 6ft(1.8m)
HT-300201 Workshop Banner
Authorized Dealer
Size 6ft(1.8m)
HT-300300 ECU Display Set
Sprint 500, Sport 2000 & Pro Plug in
HT-301007 Haltech "Ninja Head" Baseball Cap
Color Yellow
HT-301008 Haltech "Ninja Head" Baseball Cap
Color Black
HT-301111 T-Shirt
Cutting Edge
Size Medium
HT-301112 T-Shirt
Cutting Edge
Size Large
HT-301113 T-Shirt
Cutting Edge
Size Xlarge
HT-301114 T-Shirt
Cutting Edge
Size XXLarge
HT-301115 T-Shirt
Cutting Edge
Size XXXLarge
HT-309000 Sling Bag
Color Black

Product Description

Haltech offers a new range of merchandise which is available at our online store. Our merchandise includes t-shirts, polos, caps and accessories such as pens and key rings.

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