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Haltech ECU Inputs - 4 Wire Narrow Band O2 UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
HT-010700 O2 Sensor
4 Wire
Narrow Band for use w/ ECU
HT-010702 O2 Sensor
Weldable Fitting Bung & Blanking Plug
Threads M18 x1.5

Product Description

The Haltech 4 Wire narrow band Oxygeny sensor (o2 Sensor) is placed in the exhaust stream and can detect if an engine is running rich, lean or at a stoic metric air/fuel ratio. The Haltech 4 wire O2 sensor is great for fuel economy on highway runs or cruising around town where the ECU can run in “closed loop” mode.

A 4 wire O2 sensor is not a necessity for all engines however if fuel economy is on your list of priorities then it’s a must have item.

The Haltech 4 Wire Oxygen Sensor couples with a weatherproof 3 pin connector.

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