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Gates Racing Micro-V Belts

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Product Description

If you want something done right, you have to invent it yourself. That’s what was done with Gates Racing Micro-V Belts. You get more than just a cool color. You get high performance, leading edge technology that’s 300% stronger with three times the heat resistance of stock belts.

Gates Racing Micro-V Belt Features:

(1) Precision Belt Profile. Belts are precision ground, not cut, so they fit the pulley with absolute perfection.

(2) Durable, Heat-resistant Overcord. The heat-resisting polyester fabric is reinforced with a patented EPDM compound.

(3) Super Strong Tensile Cord. High-modulus, low-stretch polyester means Herculean strength for high load-carrying capability.

(4) Heat Beating Undercord. Aramid reinforcement in a patented EPDM compound for three times the heat resistance and durability of standard belts.

(5) Specially Engineered Adhesion Layer. Our patented EPDM compound gives Gates Racing belts extended service life.

Product Reviews

its not 300 or even 3x stronger.. , Tuesday, August 19, 2014

its only 3x heat resistant and will likely run 3x the hours veresus a oem belt. please read a letter from an awesome guy at gates:

Good afternoon David,

I noticed that you were referring to the claim that our “Gates RPM Timing Belts are as much as 300% stronger than stock belts and deliver up to three times the heat resistance.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will not break at 3 times the force, but more so that it lasts up to three times longer before it breaks under our testing conditions, which are standard OE/OEM tests that cannot be duplicated in any third party lab. As you can imagine, it’s also very difficult to duplicate every possible environment in which these racing belts will be used in. The conditions are vastly different from tuner to tuner. As of right now, we do not share our proprietary test data.

As I’m sure you are already aware, our Racing Belt is well perceived in the market place; the testimonials found on many forums speak for themselves. That said, you do raise an interesting point in regards to supporting our claim on a video platform; we do make our best attempt to listen to the “Voice of the Customer.” We do show case many other product lines on YouTube and it’s a communication area that we are heavily vested in and will be improving (have already improved) here in the near future.

I suppose at this point I need to do a business case to see if this product line warrants such investment. I’m sure you are well aware that if done properly, a lot more goes producing a product video than just recording and posting.

You have sparked my interest regardless.

Rolando Arroyo

Automotive Synchronous Product Manager