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Forge Motorsport Wastegate Actuator Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Forge Motorsport | Category: Wastegates


FMASR122 Actuator Spring Retainer Flat
Delrin Or Brass
FMPACSK Piston Actuator Service Kit
Piston, O-Rings, Grease
FMAR120 Actuator Rod Straight
Specify Length When Ordering
FMAS049G T2 Actuator Spring No 8
Range 5-10psi
FMPACORING Piston Actuator O-Ring Set
O-Rings Only
FMAR120B Actuator Rod Bent
Specify Length When Ordering
FMTBU3 Universal Turnbuckle Type 3
FMAS049B T2 Actuator Spring No 12
Range 14-18psi
FMAS049Y T2 Actuator Spring No 10
Range 10-15psi
FMTBU1 Universal Turnbuckle Type 1
FMACBOOT Rubber Boot For Waterproofing And Dual Port Sealing
FMPASP049 Actuator Piston
FMPASR049 Actuator Spring Retainer Ball
Delrin Or Brass
FMTBU2 Universal Turnbuckle Type 2
FMACTUNP T3 (049) Spring Tuning Kit For Piston Actuators
FMTBEVO Mistubishi Evo Turnbuckle
FMAS049R T2 Actuator Spring No 14
Range 19-24psi
FMTBU4 Universal Turnbuckle Type 4

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