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170382 FAST FLASH Power Programmer
170383 FAST FLASH Power Programmer

Product Description

FAST-FLASH Power Programmers give your vehicle a 15 minute tune-up that unlocks hidden performance potential, yielding maximum horsepower and torque. The process is simple – just plug the programmer into your vehicle’s under-dash ODBII port, and answer a few questions. Select from three distinct modes (performance, towing or economy), and FAST-FLASH automatically reprograms your vehicle’s computer for idle quality and optimized air/fuel ratios. It also re-calibrates the ignition timing, transmission shift points and the speedometer for gear and tire changes

  • Select from performance, towing or economy mode
  • Optimize engine parameters for performance camshafts
  • Modify/remove stock speed limiter setting
  • Calibrate fuel octane level for various fuels
  • Adjust the spark curve for the fine tuning of ignition timing
  • Read live streaming engine data
  • Modify air/fuel ratio at wide-open throttle
  • Change engine idle speed and cooling fan activation temperature
  • Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Adjust the transmission shift points & firmness

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