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Brand: ENEOS | Category: Motor Oil
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EN-5W30 Motor Oil
Case of 6 Quarts
EN-5W30-GAL Motor Oil
3200-302 Sustina Motor Oil
Case of 6 Quarts

Product Description

ENEOS Motor Oil 5W30 is a high-performance gasoline engine oil that meets the latest SM standard established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). With a viscosity grade of 5W-30, it has been specially designed for good engine starts and good oil-film protection of moving components of the engine at high temperatures. This motor oil brings out the best performance from all types of gasoline-engine vehicles.

1. Outstanding Oxidation Stability at High Temperatures
ENEOS Motor Oil 5W30 meets the latest API SM standard for gasoline engine oils. It has about 1.8 times better high-temperature oxidation stability than conventional SL-grade oils.

2. Excellent Engine Cleanliness and Wear Resistance
ENEOS Motor Oil 5W30’s excellent engine cleanliness and wear resistance have been proven in official laboratory tests in the United States. This performance has also been confirmed in a full range of vehicle tests.

3. Little Oil Consumption
The consumption of motor oils depends largely on the type of base oil. Because ENEOS Motor Oil 5W30 is blended from high-performance base oils, it has little oil consumption, so users can look forward to adding less oil to their engines.


  • Quality grade – API SM
  • SAE viscosity grade – 5W-30
  • Appearance – Orange
  • Density (15°C), g/cm3 – 0.857
  • Flash point (COC), °C – 232
  • Kinematic viscosity
    (40°C), mm2/s – 58.1
    (100°C), mm2/s – 10.4
  • Viscosity index – 169
  • Pour point, °C – –45.0
  • TAN, mgKOH/g – 2.5
  • TBN (HCl), mgKOH/g – 6.4
  • Color (ASTM) – L2.5

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