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Edge Products Comp Module DODGE

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 1998 - 2000 RAM 2500 ALL ALL 5.9 ALL ALL DIESEL 24v Cummins
Click For More Info 2001 - 2002 RAM 2500 ALL ALL 5.9 ALL ALL DIESEL 24v Cummins
Click For More Info 2001 - 2002 RAM 3500 ALL ALL 5.9 ALL ALL DIESEL 24v Cummins

Product Description

Your Edge Comp module will increase horsepower, and responsiveness in your edge juice with attitude cummings diesel engine. The Edge Comp module can be used with or without the edge juice module, offering you five levels of push button tuning. The five levels of power increase from the edge diesel chip cover a increase range of 40-120 horsepower to the wheels. The Edge Comp module is one of the most powerful edge performance modules from its incredible power gains once installed, and is considered to be in the upper edge products range. Edge performance parts are among the top of the list when it comes to edge performance diesel tuning. Edge performance programmers have taken all of the tuning, and guessing work for you leaving you with a truly plug, and play Edge module for you to enjoy. The Edge performance module is intended for off road use, as it manipulates your engines regulation systems giving you extra horsepower intented for racing. These engine enhancements pertain to fueling, and timing enhancements to increase efficiency, and power output. The Edge Comp module is considered the top tier of Edge racing products, guaranteeing you get the maximum increase from your Cummins motor instantly. The Edge truck Comp module also regulates low boost smoke control increasing your efficiency at all ranges of the RPM band. Maimize your Cummins with one of the most powerful power chips diesel engines have ever been tuned by today with the addition of the edge diesel tuners Comp module. Tuning you truck with the Edge comp module is serious business, reading the user guide, and complying with all the rules, and regulations is necessarry to practice safe driving for yourself, and those on public roads, please use responsibly.

Product Features

  • Direct plug and play
  • incredible power gains at each level
  • Five level of horsepower increase
  • Perfect for the diesel tuner
  • Works with you existing ecm for easy tuning

Egde Truck performance levels

  • Level 0: Stock
  • Level 1: 40 Horsepower – 150 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 2: 60 Horsepower – 200 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 3: 80 Horsepower – 250 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 4: 100 Horsepower – 300 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 5: 120 Horsepower – 350 Foot Pounds of Torque

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