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Part #: 954-0011
Notes: Fuel Pump Tank Seal
MSRP: $37.60
Your Price: $16.90

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
1990 - 1993 CELICA ALL L4 1.6 ALL 4AFE ALL
1990 - 1999 CELICA ALL L4 2.2 ALL 5SFE ALL
1994 - 1997 CELICA ALL L4 1.8 ALL 7AFE ALL
1991 - 1993 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 ALL 2TZFE ALL
1994 - 1994 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 N 2TZFE ALL From 01/94
1994 - 1994 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 N 2TZFE ALL To 01/94
1994 - 1995 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 S 2TZFZE ALL
1995 - 1995 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 N 2TZFE ALL
1996 - 1997 PREVIA ALL L4 2.4 ALL 2TZFZE ALL

Product Description

DENSO Fuel Pump Components include a number of items to make installation of your DENSO Fuel Pump or Fuel Pump kit a snap.

Fuel Pump Module
The Fuel Pump Module is the metal casing that your DENSO Fuel Pump (and strainer) attaches to. The Fuel Pump Module ensures proper placement of your DENSO Fuel Pump in your fuel tank.

Fuel Pump Strainer
Add a Fuel Pump Strainer to make sure no foreign object are ingested by your DENSO Fuel Pump. Strainers are included when you purchase a DENSO Fuel Pump Kit.

Fuel Pump Tank Seal
The Pump Tank Seal ensures a proper seal between your fuel tank and vehicles interior. It is recommended to replace this seal every time you access your fuel tank.

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