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Brian Crower Camshafts; Stage 2, Turbo Special; Set of Two HONDA S2000

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Part #: BC0061T
Notes: Camshafts
Stage 2, Turbo Special
Set of Two
MSRP: $736.84
Your Price: $611.58
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Duration 280/276
Lift 12.70/11.84
Position Intake/Exhaust

This Item Also Available In

Part Number Price Notes & Specs
BC0061 $597.78 Notes Camshafts
Stage 2
Set of Two
Duration 310/308
Lift 13.00/12.50
Position Intake/Exhaust
BC0062 $567.89 Notes Camshafts
Stage 3
Set of Two
Duration 314/310
Lift 13.34/13.15
Position Intake/Exhaust

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2000 - 2009 S2000 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

BC high performance camshafts are ground on state-of-the-art CNC cam grinders to insure accuracy and tolerances to within .02mm. Every BC camshaft profile has been prototyped and dyno tested for proven horsepower results prior to placed into mass production. By grinding cores in high volume, Brian Crower, Inc. is able to pass the cost savings on to the end user. Quality at an affordable price.

BC uses small diameter grinding wheels during the finishing phase when applicable to generate a more aggressive ramp rate for a faster cylinder fill rate. More air + more fuel = more power. Although it takes longer to grind the cams, research and development has proven that the inverted radius created by the small grinding wheel on the opening side delivers more horsepower on radius and roller rocker applications than the conventional, large diameter grinding wheels.

All BC cams are checked on a high speed, sub-micron accuracy measuring gauge. The Adcole Camshaft Measuring System uses individual measuring heads for each cam journal and cam lobe, with .01 micron resolution, taking one datum point each 1/10th of a degree or 3,600 data points per revolution. Measuring camshafts for rise error and chattermark detection, this model can measure 200 parts per hour.

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