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AEM Tru-Boost Controller Gauge UNIVERSAL

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30-2400 Boost Control Solenoid Kit
Solenoid, -4 & Barb Adaptors & Flying Lead Connector. 1/8-NPT Male thread
30-4350 Tru-Boost Controller Gauge
30-4351 Tru-Boost Controller Sensor Upgrade
75 PSIa or 5 Bar Map

Product Description

Tuning your car safely has been made easy with the use of the AEM 30-4350 tru boost gauge. The AEM 30 4350 truboost controller is a gauge and controller in one giving you the best of both worlds while saving you money by putting two components into one unit for easy installation and use. Offering an array of features including quick connect plugs for easy installation and extraction, and scramble boost tuning allowing you to switch between two boost pressure settings on the go make the AEM 304 350 Truboost boost controller a perfect choice when looking to tune boost safely and easily. A peak boost memory feature native to your 30-4350 aem tru-boost gauge helps you see where you are maxing out at when boosting so you can perform your tuning accordingly to get the best results for your specific setup. Your 3043 50 tru boost controller by AEM induction systems has a selectable overboost alarm featuring two timed shut down levels at 10% and 20% overboost which can save your motor from huge internal problems from over boosting. Every AEM 30-43-50 boostgauge comes with 24 scalable LED’s, an interchangeable bezel, pin guide, and face plate allowing you to customize your display so you can have an individual look that suits your personal style. With the AEM 304350 tru boost controller installed in your boosted vehicle you will be able to perform fine boost tuning and get the maximum out of your turbo monster. Your 30-4350 AEM boost controller is the ultimate choice in on the go boost tuning and will elevate the performance of your forced induction vehicle to new heights.

Product Features

  • Two boost settings for low and high boost allowing toggling on the go
  • No external interfaces need to program the gauge true plug and play
  • Quick connect point helping to expedite the installation process
  • Peak boost memory to record where you are maxing out for precise tuning
  • Scramble boost setting allows you to change boost pressure momentarily
  • Selectable overboost alarm featuring two timed shutdown levels at 10% and 20% overboost
  • 24 scalable LED’s, an interchangeable bezel, pin guide and face plate to customize your display
  • One low side output included for warning lights

In the 30-4350 box for Universal fitment

  • One AEM 30-4350 boost controller / gauge
  • One gauge harness
  • Boost hose
  • One on board 29psi pressure sensor
  • One boost solenoid
  • All necessary fittings for install

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