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ACT Flywheel - ProLite

Brand: ACT | Category: Flywheels

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ACT XACT ProLite Flywheels provide significantly improved engine response, acceleration and a higher degree of safety than the heavy stock flywheel. Many competitor flywheels are too light, fragile and expensive. ACT offers exactly what performance enthusiasts desire.

All XACT ProLite Flywheels are true one-piece designs CNC machined from forged Chrome-moly which is stronger and more durable than billet steel or aluminum.


  • Recommended for Track and Road Race Use
  • Maximum gear life – Gear will not Wear Out or Fall Off
  • Serviceable – Can be Resurfaced with no Need to Purchase Additional Parts
  • Chrome-Moly Forgings are Three Times More Rigid than Aluminum
  • Quick Throttle Response and Acceleration
  • Lightest and Lowest Inertia
  • Reduced Drivability

Note: If you plan on using your Civic for normal street use or drag racing, you may prefer the StreetLite flywheel. For straight-line acceleration, a higher moment of inertia is more desirable because it keeps the engine from slowing itself down too quickly. The ProLite flywheel is made for road racing, where a low moment of rotational inertia will lead to better lap times.

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ACT XACT ProLite Flywheel





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ACT XACT ProLite Flywheel installation instructions: click here

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Product Reviews

AWESOME UPGRADE!, Saturday, May 8, 2010

got my my act hd clutch (ZM8-HDMM) and act racelite flywheel and stainless steel clutch line from thmotorsports. performance autowerks, plainfield, illinois hooked it all up and what an amazing upgrade! there is a real difference. shifts are quick and precise. and the most shocking part of all was that contrary to what everyone said (that with 330 lb-ft of holding power “there would be only a slight increase in pedal effort.”), there was actually less!!! alot less in fact. apparently act has discovered something brilliant called leverage and they’ve applied this technology to their design! the clutch pedal feel is now easily twice as light! and of course, with the lighter flywheel, it feels as if i just had a fresh renesis dropped in my 8 and does not noticeably require any extra effort engauging 1st gear from a stop. by far the best mod i’ve made yet to an rx-8 over intake, catback and even midpipe. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE STREETLITE.

Always a fan., Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Order my parts and received them 3 days later. Install for the flywheel was straight forward and simple. Great guys at THM