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Part number: MB 557HP 020
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Product Details
King Mb557hp020 Gm Small Block 262ci 267ci 302ci 307ci 327ci 350ci Main Bearings
Products specifications
Additional Shell Thickness +.010in
Crank Undersized -0.020in
Size 0.20in (0.50mm)
Main Bearings Bi-Metal Perf. Main Bearings Bi-Metal Perf.
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The experience was wonderful. The ability to look up parts by the make, model, and year of my auto made it easy to find the right part. And getting a discount on shipping to encourage my purchase was awesome. I hope the parts all are correct for my vehicl
Autoplicity was great, I ordered my springs late Monday night and I received a shipment order confirmation number early Wednesday. So basically 1 business day and my order was out the door, pretty impressive. Can't wait 'till it gets here! Thanks Autoplicity!
Very easy to use and nice that you can pay with PayPal. Also the discount coupons and low price are great!
The fellas at Autoplicity where great, very proffesional, and great price as well. I will definately be using them again. ohh, and super fast shipping... thank autoplicity...
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