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Product Details
Magnaflow 51356 Performance Universal Catalytic Converters
Products specifications
CARB Compliant Y
Catalytic Converter Body Material Stainless
Catalytic Converter Inlet Diameter 2.5
Catalytic Converter Length 11
Catalytic Converter Outlet Diameter 2.5
Catalytic Converter Overall Length 15
Catalytic Converter Substrate Material Ceramic
Catalytic Converter Width 5.25
Inlet 2.50in
Main Piping Diameter 2.5
Material Stainless
Outlet 2.50in
Warranty 5 year/50,000 mile External/Internal
Series OEM Grade
Catalytic Converter Configuration Universal

The purpose of any catalytic converter is to reduce harmful emissions from the exhaust of a ''properly tuned'' combustion engine. It accomplishes this through a combination of heat and a precious metal catalyst that causes the harmful emissions to either oxidize or reduce to safe elements in the exhaust flow. If the engine is out of tune and not calibrated to OEM specs, the catalytic converter's efficiency is greatly diminished and could lead to a converter failure.

The precious metal catalyst is bound to an extruded ceramic honeycomb substrate. The ceramic has hundreds of flow channels that allow the exhaust gasses to come in contact with a maximum amount of surface area where the catalyst reaction takes place. The catalyst must come in direct contact with the exhaust gasses for the reaction to take place.

If the ceramic inside your converter becomes clogged or coated with carbon, lead or oil, then the converter's efficiency is greatly reduced.

There are three basic types of automotive catalytic converters: Two-Way, Three-Way and Three-Way-Air. Each type uses a slightly different method and chemistry to reduce the harmful elements in exhaust emissions. Early model converters used a pelletized catalyst, but most modern converters are now designed with a free-flowing honeycomb ceramic catalyst. The type of converter required on a particular vehicle varies with model year, engine size and vehicle weight. Some vehicles use more than one type of converter to meet emission reduction standards.

Two-Way Oxidation Converter
Two-Way converter, used on cars between 1975-1980, oxidizes unburned harmful hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide along with secondary oxygen into water and carbon dioxide. HC, CO, O2 OXIDIZE TO H20 and CO2

Three-Way Reduction/Oxidation
A Three-Way converter is a triple purpose converter. It reduces nitrous oxides into nitrogen and, like the two-way converter, it oxidizes unburned harmful hydrocarbons and turns carbon monoxide into water and carbon dioxide. NOx REDUCES TO N2 HC, CO OXIDIZES TO H20 and CO2

Three-Way+Air Reduction/Oxidation Converter
A Three-Way-Air converter performs the same function as the Three-Way converter: It oxidizes and reduces. The difference is the addition of secondary air between the two internal catalyst substrates that improves the oxidation capabilities of the converter. The secondary air is pumped into the middle of the converter between the two separate catalyst substrates. The front performs the reduction and the back ceramic performs the oxidation. It's like having two converters in one.

Note: These catalytic converters are no longer legal for sale in the state of California and will not be shipped to the state of California.

Round Catalytic Converter
  • 2.5'' Inlet/Outlet Diameter
  • 15'' Overall Length
  • 11'' Body Length
  • 5.125'' Wide
  • O2 Sensor
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Great product. Fast shipping. Great and easy to use website! The air filter I purchased
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Talked on the phone first and they were very helpful. Website was very easy to use.
Good pricing. Order processing is fast and easy.
I needed two fairly expensive parts for a project. Naturally, I shopped everywhere before deciding on where to purchase them. Autoplicity had the best price on the carburetor. I continued shopping around for the alternator, and ended up right back at the Autoplicity website, because they beat everyone else on that price also! And I don't mean by a few dollars! HUGE savings! Thanks Autoplicity! In the words of Arnold, "I'll be back!"
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