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Part number: 4-204-BL
Product Details
Prothane 4-204-BL Control Arm Bushing Kit Black
Products specifications
Position Front

Prothane Control Arm Bushings Front
You can imagine how difficult it is to maintain the proper front suspension caster and camber when the control ares are wobbling on mushy rubber bushings. Prothane design provides superior handling through optimum compliance resistance. Furthermore, you can be assured that your alignment settings will be accurately maintained.

Prothane Control Arm Bushings Rear
A vital addition to any vehicle. Controls unwanted hop or shudder. Prothane offers complete kits for all popular rear two and four arm applications. Prothane offers a selection of both shelled and unshelled versions.

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This site was just like shopping at a real store. It was easy to make my order and I was able to do it on the go on my smartphone which is important to me that a site is compatible with handheld. Bravo
I have found the BEST  price on a part clearly overpriced at other online stores... Excellent customer service knowledgble of mustang performance! Will surely buy again!
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